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GTA Online Weekly Update June 20, 2024

Earn triple GTA$ and RP on Drift and Drag races, claim a free car from the Gangbanger Robbery, and snag double income from the Salvage Yard.

GTA Online Weekly Update June 20, 2024

This week’s GTA Online Weekly Update veers sharply from last week’s hacking and over to racing, specifically Drift and Drag racing. Don’t forget to also snag yourself a free car this week by completing the Gangbanger Robbery Salvage Yard mission.

But don’t worry if you haven’t unlocked the Salvage Yard yet. Rockstar are offering a 30% discount on all Salvage Yard properties and upgrades, alongside the usual host of vehicle discounts and deals.

Bear in mind: this is a much shorter week than usual owing to the Bounty Hunter update which is launching on June 25, giving you two days less than you’d normally get to earn all of the rewards in this weekly update.

GTA Online Weekly Update free car

If you can complete the Gangbanger Robbery Salvage Yard mission, you’ll get to walk away with your very own Grotti Itali GTO with a limited-edition vanity plate.

Screenshot of the free car available in the June 20, 2024 GTA Online Weekly Update

GTA Online Weekly Update free spin

Login to GTA Online this week to get a free spin on the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort, and be in for a chance to win this week’s grand prize: a BF Weevil (Compact).

You get one free spin on the wheel every 24 hours, and have a 5% chance of winning the podium vehicle per spin. Of course, you’ll first need to sign up to the casino with a one-off membership fee of $500 if you haven’t already.

If you don’t get the vehicle, you are still guaranteed to win:

  • A mystery prize (5%)
  • A Vehicle Discount (5%)
  • Clothing (20%)
  • Poker Chips (20%)
  • Cash (20%)
  • RP (25%)

The amounts you win vary, but it’s always worth using your free spin, so make sure to login every day.

GTA Online Weekly Update bonus GTA$ and RP activities

Screenshot of the GTA Online Weekly Update announcement for June 20, 2024, as seen on the official Rockstar website.

If Drift and Drag races are your favorite thing about GTA Online, this week’s been tailored for you! With triple rewards on all Drift and Drag races, plus a lump sum bonus for the weekly challenge, there’s tons of opportunity to flesh out your GTA$ wallets with these activities this week:

  • Triple GTA$ and RP on Drift and Drag races
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Wildlife Photography missions
  • Triple GTA$ and RP on select Community Series missions:
    • WILD! WILD! WILD! by kimi-gtalove
    • Ninjah’s HotringWarp 1.0 by DaEliteNinjah
    • $M$ Tropi Tropi City 2# by FuMeGa75XD
    • Ğ78 Curvy Oval by geenopa
    • [M^M] Witherspoon TDM by MixedUpMike
    • *[KIRI] Kiritial D by RareKiritoFDPA

Players who win two Drift OR Drag races before June 24 will earn an additional 100,000 GTA$.

Finally, place in the top five for four days in a row in the LS Car Meet Series this week and you’ll walk away with a free Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio (Sports).

GTA Online Weekly Update discounts June 20 – 24

Almost every week, Rockstar discounts a variety of vehicles, properties, weapons, and more. Given that many items can cost millions of GTA$, you might want to hold off on buying anything until you see it in our complete list of GTA Online discounts below.

GTA Online vehicle discounts

  • 40% off the Pegassi Ignus (Super)
  • 40% off the Progen Emerus (Super)
  • 40% off the Grotti X80 Proto (Super)
  • 40% off the Annis 300R (Sports)
  • 40% off the Declasse Weaponized Tampa (Muscle)
  • 40% off the Obey Tailgater S (Sedan)
  • 40% off the Ocelot Virtue (Super)
  • 40% off the Cheval Taipan (Super)
  • 40% off the Declasse Vigero ZX (Muscle)
  • 40% off the Lampadati Corsita (Sports)

GTA Online property discounts

  • 30% off all Salvage Yard properties
  • 30% off all Salvage Yard upgrades and modifications

GTA Online gun van discounts

  • 50% off the Vintage Pistol
  • 50% off the Pool Cue (must be a GTA+ member)

GTA Online Weekly Update Salvage Yard robberies June 20

Once you’ve got a Salvage Yard under your control, you can undertake special robbery-style missions for Jamal Amir. Much like heists, these Salvage Yard jobs require preparation jobs before the main mission in which you snag the week’s specially selected vehicles.

This week’s Salvage Yard vehicles are:

  • Grotti Itali GTO (Sports)
  • Übermacht Sentinel Classic (Sports)
  • Pegassi Toros (SUV)

For this week only, your Salvage Yard will generate double its passive GTA$ income once you’ve unlocked the Tow Truck Services upgrade.

New June 2024 GTA+ car, free with a GTA+ membership.

Get more freebies with a GTA+ membership

Make the most of the GTA Online Weekly Update by signing up for a GTA+ membership. This month’s GTA+ bonus includes:

  • Free Imani Tech Eligible Bravado Greenwood (Muscle)
  • Vespucci Beach Tee and Flip-Flops
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Security Contracts and Short Trips
  • New Chameleon Paints

Of course, subscribing to GTA+ also rewards players with a bonus 1,500,000 GTA$ every month until August 2024. GTA+ is not yet available on PC. You can pick up a GTA+ Xbox membership and GTA+ PlayStation membership if you’re on console.