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Reddit is now convinced Manni Perez is GTA 6’s Lucia after latest discovery

Manni L. Perez has noted a shift in her career towards “voice-over and motion-capture,” potentially hinting at her role as GTA 6’s Lucia.

Reddit is now convinced Manni Perez is GTA 6’s Lucia after latest discovery

Redditors have dug up another interview with Manni L. Perez which could indicate the actress’ role as GTA 6’s Lucia, if the theorists have it right. In the newly discovered interview, which was originally published in 2021, Perez mentions that she is transitioning into voice-over and motion-capture work, hinting at her involvement in GTA 6.

Theories of Manni’s involvement in GTA 6 began almost as soon as the first GTA 6 trailer landed, with many pointing at the similarity between the actress’ voice and appearance to Lucia’s.

Upon identifying the link, Redditors began combing through every interview and television appearance that Manni L. Perez has ever made, and soon stumbled across what they believe to be evidence towards Perez’s role as Lucia.

Redditors and other internet sleuths discovered a DJ Echo interview with Perez from March 2021 in which Perez said that she was working on something big, but something under a serious NDA. The NDA even prevented her from identifying if the project referred to a movie, television show, or, as Redditors believe, videogames such as GTA 6.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Perez was alluding to GTA 6 at the time, especially considering how little she could reveal about the project.

However, a statement in a separate interview has since bolstered the theories on Reddit. In an episode of Conversations with Ope, Manni L. Perez said, at the 18:34 mark, that she has been “transitioning her career into voice-over and motion-capture.”

This, again, does not prove anything, and Perez has neither confirmed nor denied her involvement in GTA 6. However, that hasn’t stopped GTA 6 fans from further drawing plausible but circumstantial evidence that Perez might be Lucia.

In January 2024, Twitter user GameRoll posted a profile comparison between Lucia and Perez, and the similarities are undeniable. Fans have also examined Law and Order Season 21 Episode 13 and found further similarities between Perez and the main GTA 6 character, the episode just so happening to feature Perez in an orange prison jumpsuit (coincidentally).

Of course, whether or not Perez is a member of the GTA 6 cast remains to be confirmed. All of the evidence presented so far, including the fact that Perez has a voice actor credit in GTA Online, doesn’t prove that she has a leading role in GTA 6.

But, as far as Reddit is concerned, they’ve found their Lucia.

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