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GTA 6 vehicles

GTA 6 vehicles

In preparation for launch day, we’ve gathered all of the confirmed GTA 6 vehicles, and the ones we expect to see return.

GTA 5 contained just shy of 1000 vehicles across both the single-player and online play modes. This veritable armada of vehicles could indicate that a similar fleet of cars, trucks, bikes, planes, boats and more are set for the GTA 6 vehicles roster.

So, we’re gathering all of the confirmed GTA 6 vehicles which were seen during the GTA 6 trailer into one database ahead of the GTA 6 release date.

All confirmed GTA 6 vehicles

The GTA 6 trailer contained a nearly overwhelming amount of information when it came to vehicles that were parked on the side of the road, surfing across the sea, or flying through the sky.

The most featured vehicle in the trailer was an orange Declasse Tulip muscle car, which the two main GTA 6 characters Lucia and Jason were seen driving extensively.

Beyond that, we were able to spot the following vehicles:

  • Jobuilt Phantom truck – seen with a Patriot Beer container in the trailer
  • Speedo van – spotted on the highway in all white
  • Jet – a commercial plane
  • Maverick helicopter – seen several times in the trailer
  • Dodo seaplane
  • Seashark jet skis, though the design is slightly different to the one found in GTA 5
  • Sea Sparrow helicopter – seen flying above the sea at the beach
  • Grotti Furia – seen from behind as it drove away on a highway
  • Vapid Sheriff Cruiser with a green and white pattern
  • Declasse Sheriff SUV, following directly behind the Sheriff Cruiser
  • Blimp – seen cruising through the skies in white

Other GTA 6 vehicles we spotted, but couldn’t get a positive ID on due to the lighting and/or the quality of the image included possible sightings of:

  • Dashound bus – seen on the highway
  • An unnamed hovercraft, which is very different in appearance to the GTA Vortex
  • Blazer Lifeguard quad-bike – seen on the beach at a distance
  • An Everon off-road vehicle in white – seen on the beach
  • Several speedboats, which could include a Jetmax or Squalo

There are still a mountain of vehicles to pick out from the trailer that we’re still investigating. Once we have more confirmation, particularly on the fleet of dirt bikes, we’ll be back to update this page.

Returning GTA 6 vehicles

It would seem incredibly strange if a GTA game didn’t bring back some of the most iconic and classic vehicles that Rockstar Games have released over the years. Among the returning GTA 6 vehicles, we fully expect to see the full roster of military vehicles (because who doesn’t love driving around in a Rhino Tank or a P-996 fighter jet?), emergency vehicles, and a good selection of supercars, including:

  • The Bullet which originally featured in San Andreas
  • The Infernus which has been in every Grand Theft Auto game since GTA 3
  • The Coil Voltic, an electric sports car from GTA 5
  • The Zentorno, a Pegassi supercar, and one of our favorite cars from GTA 5

Until more cars are revealed, make sure to mark the GTA 6 release date into your calendars, and check to see if your PC can meet the GTA 6 system requirements.