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GTA 6 locations

GTA 6 locations

Within the fictional state of Leonida are many GTA 6 locations to explore, many of which are derived from real-world locales.

While the official GTA 6 map hasn’t yet been released, a number of GTA 6 locations have already been sighted in the latest trailer, and a number of other Rockstar Game hallmarks are almost certain to return. So, we’ve gathered every confirmed location in the game below, and theorized which ones are likely to make an appearance.

Confirmed GTA 6 locations

The game takes place in the fictional state of Leonida, which is heavily-inspired by the city of Miami, and the state of Florida. Making a return to the game is the reimagined Vice City, as confirmed by several signs and place names. Thus, it is quite likely that numerous Vice City locations will make a return in GTA 6.

For locations that have been confirmed, the GTA 6 trailer showcased several locations among the tumultuous chaos of GTA 6 vehicles and characters:

  • Leonida Department of Corrections
  • Kelly County
  • VCI Airport
  • Stockyard Downtown off Catalan Boulevard
  • Boardwalk, a possible hotel
  • A GoPostal outlet
  • An Arrow gas station
  • Vice Beaches
  • Port VC / Keys
  • An unnamed commercial zone containing several businesses:
    • Kowalski
    • Callus
    • Skala
    • Alpha
    • Several other businesses
  • Jenny’s Food Depot – seen behind several bikers
  • Port Gellhorn
  • Pawn & Gun, located in Port Gellhorn
  • WHS, a shop advertising “We have shoes.”
  • Atlantic/Atlanta Hotel – seen in the official poster on the GTA website
  • Uncle Jack’s Liquor
  • Hotel Dixon
  • Neptune – possibly a hotel

Uncle Jack’s Liquor seems a particularly important location as it is the likely site of the hypothesized failed robbery by Lucia and Jason which could see Lucia sent to prison at the start of the game.

Predicted GTA 6 locations

Several landmarks with real-world equivalents made an appearance in the GTA 6 trailer, so it is very likely that, while renamed, we will see:

  • Fort Baxter Air Base – likely to make a return simply because players need somewhere to steal Rhino Tanks and jet-fighters.
  • Little Haiti – should gang conflict be present, it is likely the familiar haunt from Vice City will make a reappearance.
  • Little Havana – with Vice Port/Port VC spotted on a roadsign, it’s likely that Little Havana, which was adjoined to Vice Port in GTA Vice City, will make a return.

More locations are likely to be announced or be spotted in future GTA 6 trailers, and we will add them to our database as they are revealed. Until then, make sure to mark the GTA 6 release date in your calendar, and check to see if your PC meets the GTA 6 system requirements.