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GTA 6 weapons

GTA 6 weapons

GTA 6 weapons could be more varied than we've ever seen, bringing all the usual hallmarks of guns, rocket launchers, and exotic firearms.

With only a single GTA 6 trailer to meticulously pore over, there are very few confirmed GTA 6 weapons on display. Fortunately, Rockstar Games has a habit of importing guns from previous games, which gives us a great idea of the variety of weapons we’re likely to see when the game launches in 2025.

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GTA 6 weapons list

Considering the colossal number of weapons Rockstar Games have previously featured in other Grand Theft Auto titles, we are expecting to see the following GTA 6 weapon categories:

  • Assault rifles
  • Handguns
  • Heavy weapons
  • Melee weapons
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Thrown weapons

There are also likely to be more than a few special weapons as well, and several vehicles that come equipped with their own weapons system, be it rocket launchers, machines guns, or something really bizarre.

GTA 6 weapons from the trailer

The GTA 6 trailer showed more GTA 6 vehicles than it did weapons, but a few weapons were on display if you looked closely enough. Here are the weapons we were able to make out:

  • A Heavy Pistol – seen in the hands of a police officer. We believe it’s a Heavy Pistol based on the location of the pistol’s ejection port.

Screenshot of the GTA 6 heavy pistol, seen in the trailer.

  • An Assault Rifle of some description – seen in the arms of a police officer as they kick down a door. It appears to be a standard Assault Rifle judging by the notch on the barrel, and the overall thinness of the rifle’s barrel.

Screenshot of the GTA 6 assault rifle, seen in the trailer.

  • Nightstick – a police baton can be seen hanging from an officer’s waist as they storm a building.

Screenshot of the GTA 6 nightstick, seen in the trailer.

  • Hammers – clutched in both hands by a female character who says to the livestreamer in the trailer “Well, look who’s back.”
  • Pistol (likely a Hawk & Little Pistol) – held by Lucia and Jason during a convenience store robbery. Basic Pistols have existed in every GTA game, so it makes sense to see this return, particularly if the robbery is a prologue mission.


GTA 6 firearms we expect to see

While the trailer didn’t show off many weapons, we can expect to see the iconic RPG rocket launcher find its way into GTA 6, alongside a minigun, and a railgun if we’re lucky.

As more trailers are released, you can bet we’ll be picking them apart to uncover the entire GTA 6 arsenal. Until then, mark the GTA 6 release date in your calendar, and check to see if your PC can meet the GTA 6 system requirements.