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GTA 6 map

GTA 6 map

The GTA 6 map is set to be the largest Rockstar has ever created, and we already have a ton of hints, clips, and leaks to patch together a working map.

The GTA 6 map size is estimated to be almost double the size of Rockstar’s GTA 5 map, and appears to host a dynamic range of GTA 6 animals the like of which Grand Theft Auto has never seen before.

So far, fans, GTA 6 leaks, and some incredible detective work by the GTA community has resulted in a good approximation of what the state of Leonida could look like, as you’ll see below in our fully interactive Grand Theft Auto VI map.

GTA 6 map prediction

GTA 6’s setting, the state of Leonida, is largely based on the real-world state of Florida, and is set to include a massive rework of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City map from 2002. The original Vice City map is expected to nearly double in size from the 2002 original thanks to the advancement in hardware specifications, and will be part of a much larger map featuring at least two major settlements: Vice City, and Port Gellhorn.

Numerous locations were confirmed via roadsigns spotted in the GTA 6 trailer, and have been reflected in our map estimates. The map is represented as an island owing to Rockstar’s tendency to surround all of their GTA maps with water – creating a more subtle edge of the world/play area wherein players will be eaten by some very hungry sharks.

In addition to the main map area, we are expecting The Bahamas to play a role in the game’s map design. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 had a very brief portion of its story based on the tropical island of Guarma. Sadly, the map in RDR2 was under-utilized, but the budget and scale behind GTA 6 could see a more tropical location arrive at launch in Rockstar’s latest game.

Where does GTA 6 take place?

GTA 6 is set in the fictional state of Leonida, and a major part of the story will take place in Vice City. The GTA 6 map can best be described as an expansion of the original 2002 Vice City map, which you can see below.

Image of the original GTA Vice City map.

Here’s where the GTA 6 Vice City map is expected to be located on the wider State of Leonida map.

Comparison of the original GTA Vice City map with its location on the GTA 6 map

How big is the GTA 6 map?

The GTA 6 map is expected to be 150 square kilometers of playable area. Numerous GTA 6 leaks  have indicated that the GTA 6 map is double that of GTA 5, and the GTA 5 map was nearly 76 square kilometers in size.

To put that into perspective, the original GTA Vice City map was only 9 square kilometers, so, even if you never played GTA Vice City, you can see that the GTA 6 map is absolutely massive, and fans are chomping at the bit to get more concrete details from Rockstar.

Was there a GTA 6 map leak?

Various GTA 6 maps have been proposed as genuine leaks on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord, however no solid evidence has been presented to confirm a real GTA 6 map leak has occurred.

The most detailed of the “leaked” maps does bear many similarities to real world locations like the Florida Keys, as our own predicted map does. However, the “leaked” map which gained the most attention is most likely fanmade GTA 6 concept art using the original Vice City map as a reference. If indeed the map was a result of one of the many data breaches that Rockstar has suffered since the game’s early development, no additional evidence has arisen to support its authenticity. Rockstar has not commented on the matter, and so the rumored GTA 6 map will remain just that: a rumor.

Until more is discovered, find out when the GTA 6 release date is set for, and see if your computer can meet the GTA 6 system requirements.