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GTA 5 cheats and codes

Want some free weapons, invincibility, a submarine and more? Nothing is beyond reach with our full list of GTA 5 cheats for PC and consoles.

GTA 5 cheats and codes

GTA 5 cheats are a great way of injecting a little chaos and mayhem into your playthrough, particularly if all you want to do is get every GTA 5 weapon, ride around in a tank, or do something even wackier like turning off gravity. So, we’ve gathered every GTA 5 cheat code that will work for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Unfortunately, GTa 5 cheats won’t work on GTA Online, so you’re best bet at getting a lot of GTA$ is to buy Shark Cards, or by grinding through GTA Online missions.

All GTA 5 PC cheats

To use these GTA cheats for PC, you’ll first need to open the console window by pressing the tilde “~” key while in Story Mode. From there, you’ll be able to enter the following cheat codes. Just be aware that using a GTA 5 cheat code will disable GTA 5’s achievements, so make sure you have a clean save ready to go. You have been warned!

Cheat Console Command
Bullet time DEADEYE
Change weather MAKEITRAIN
Director mode JRTALENT
Drunk mode LIQUOR
Explosive bullets HIGHEX
Explosive punches HOTHANDS
Fast running CATCHME
Fast swimming GOTGILLS
Flaming bullets INCENDIARY
Give parachute SKYDIVE
Invincibility PAINKILLER
Low gravity FLOATER
Lower wanted level LAWYERUP
Max health and armor TURTLE
Raise wanted level FUGITIVE
Slidey cars SNOWDAY
Spawn Buzzard BUZZOFF
Spawn Comet COMET
Spawn Dodo seaplane EXTINCT
Spawn Duke O’Death DEATHCAR
Spawn duster plane FLYSPRAY
Spawn garbage truck TRASHED
Spawn golf caddy HOLEIN1
Spawn Kraken BUBBLES
Spawn limo VINEWOOD
Spawn Maibatsu Sanchez OFFROAD
Spawn PCJ-600 ROCKET
Spawn Rapid GT RAPIDGT
Spawn stunt plane BARNSTORM
Special ability refill POWERUP
Super jump HOPTOIT
Weapons and ammo TOOLUP

GTA 5 Xbox and PlayStation cheats

If you want to use a code while playing on the Xbox or PlayStation versions of GTA 5, the easiest method of using a GTA 5 cheat is to pull up the in-game cell phone and enter one of the following codes:

Cheat Cell phone code
Bullet time 1-999-3323-393
Change weather 1-999-6253-487246
Director mode 1-999-5782-5368
Drunk mode 1-999-547867
Explosive bullets 1-999-444-439
Explosive punches 1-999-468-42637
Fast running 1-999-228-2463
Fast swimming 1-999-4684-4557
Flaming bullets 1-999-4623-634279
Give parachute 1-999-759-3483
Invincibility 1-999-7246-545-537
Low gravity 1-999-356-2837
Lower wanted level 1-999-529-93787
Max health and armor 1-999-887-853
Raise wanted level 1-999-384-48483
Skyfall 1-999-759-3255
Slidey cars 1-999-766-9329
Slowmo 1-999-756-966
Spawn BMX 1-999-226-348
Spawn Buzzard 1-999-289-9633
Spawn Comet 1-999-266-38
Spawn Dodo seaplane 1-999-398-4628
Spawn Duke O’Death 1-999-332-84227
Spawn duster plane 1-999-359-77729
Spawn garbage truck 1-999-872-7433
Spawn golf caddy 1-999-4653-461
Spawn Kraken 1-999-282-2537
Spawn limo 1-999-846-39663
Spawn Maibatsu Sanchez 1-999-633-7623
Spawn PCJ-600 1-999-762-538
Spawn Rapid GT 1-999-727-4348
Spawn stunt plane 1-999-227-678-676
Special ability refill 1-999-769-3787
Super jump 1-999-467-8648
Weapons and ammo 1-999-866-587

Our complete GTA 5 cheat lists are fully searchable, so feel free to look up what you’re looking for if you can’t immediately spot it.

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