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GTA 6 trailer recreated in real life with banana guns

YouTuber brings the GTA 6 trailer to life by recreating it shot for shot in the real world, complete with banana pistols.

GTA 6 trailer recreated in real life with banana guns

The official GTA 6 trailer has been faithfully recreated in real-life, and it’s absolutely perfect. Featuring all of the real world inspirations that Rockstar used in the creation of this trailer, this fanmade trailer is a must-watch, if not simply to tide you over until the next GTA 6 cast discovery.

YouTuber Andrew Levitt has made several videos comparing in-game environments with those found in the real world. Previously, Levitt has explored the worlds of Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty Warzone, and the Last of Us. This time, Levitt has gone all out in hunting down the real world locations from the GTA 6 trailer, and piecing the clips together as seen above.

Levitt’s trailer features everything that we found in our GTA 6 trailer breakdown, including iconic footage of a woman twerking atop a car, an alligator being pulled from a swimming pool, and the crazy hammer lady.

There are some small revisions from the original trailer, but none that we didn’t love. The banana guns at the very end were as unexpected as they were brilliant.

The only thing Levitt might need to worry about is the Joker who features in his trailer. Florida’s Joker, seen at 1:02, famously demanded millions of dollars from Rockstar for using his likeness in the official trailer. Though the Joker has since revised his demands considerably, one can only hope that Levitt doesn’t receive a similar demand for the Joker’s appearance in Levitt’s trailer.

With such an excellent trailer now out, one can only hope that the second GTA 6 trailer will receive a similar treatment from Levitt when it does finally arrive. To make sure you don’t miss the announcement on the latest GTA 6 news, make sure to follow GTA Db on Google News and Twitter.