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Fans are already recreating GTA 6 in Roblox

GTA 6 isn't seeing the light of day until 2025, so one creator has decided to create their very own GTA 6 Roblox game.

Fans are already recreating GTA 6 in Roblox

The GTA 6 trailer recently became the second-most watched trailers in videogame history, so perhaps it isn’t too surprising to find an unofficial GTA 6 Roblox game in the works. It’s still early days for the project, but there are more than enough screenshots available to see that this project is getting the love and attention it will need if it’s to ever to launch before the GTA 6 release date.

Roblox is one of the largest gaming platforms of all time. It comes with a huge range of tools for content creators to build entire worlds based on their favorite fandoms. While numerous crime games exist on Roblox already, Jailbreak to name but one, there isn’t anything quite like GTA 6. 

Posting screenshots of their work to Reddit, Redditor WideCommunication2 has announced that they have plans to recreate most of the GTA 6 map within Roblox.

“My plan is to create one of the largest Roblox Crime RPs to date.”

So far, WideCommunication2 has posted several images of their Roblox world map, along with numerous buildings and structures which are currently in progress.

Image of a building created by WideCommunication2 for their GTA 6 Roblox project.

The project is still very much in its infancy, but WideCommunication2 has already sunk a considerable amount of time into their pet project, and it seems their development team is growing. “I’m too far in to quit now, I also have 12 people that are about to start working with me on this.”

Image of a highway created by WideCommunication2 for their GTA 6 Roblox project.

In response to the announcement, many Redditors were hopeful to see the project progress further. With any luck, we might even see WideCommunication2’s game before Rockstar has a chance to release GTA 6 in 2025. 

Image of numerous buildings created by WideCommunication2 as part of their Roblox GTA 6 project.

Details are light on what WideCommunication2’s game will actually contain, or when it will go live. Hopefully the game will incorporate many of the societal aspects of Brookhaven but bring many of the GTA criminal elements we love to the table.

Image of the GTA 6 Roblox map created by Redditor WideCommunication2.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see where the project goes and keep our fingers crossed that the project will find its way onto the Roblox marketplace in due course.

In the meantime, make sure to check out what we know about the GTA 6 map, and check to see if your PC can meet our estimated GTA 6 system requirements.