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GTA 5 map

GTA 5 map

The GTA 5 map of Los Santos and its surrounding countryside provides a huge number of GTA 5 locations to explore. The total map size of GTA 5 significantly improves on previous games, and includes the standard Grand Theft Auto military bases, airports, and a great deal more.

With so much to explore, we’ve rounded up all of the most important Grand Theft Auto V map locations:

Fort Zancudo

It might not be profitable, but grabbing a tank, jet fighter, or bomber is incredibly fun for a bit of GTA 5 chaos. Fort Zancudo is located on the west coast, and can be accessed in a number of ways with a little skill from the player. You could drive through the main gate, but you’ll soon draw the attention of the army and their tanks. Death is more a matter of time than a possibility if you don’t get into the base, grab what you want, and leave as soon as you can.

For this reason, it’s best to travel along the motorway that runs beneath the airstrip of the base, turn off the road, and drive up the hill as fast as you can. With enough speed, you’ll be able to clear the fence and land in a relatively unpopulated area of the military base. This gives you just enough time to drive into the heart of the base, find a vehicle, and dive in before an enemy tank or soldier guns you down.

Image of the GTA 5 map location for Fort Zancudo

Los Santos International Airport

If you want to fly a plane, you’ll want to travel to the airport in the south-west of Los Santos. There, you can easily get over the security fence by performing a ramp jump to the left of the main building. On the airstrip, you’ll find a number of commercial airplanes, smaller biplanes, and other air vehicles which you can pilot.

Image of the GTA 5 map location for Los Santos International Airport.

The Altruist Cult

When playing as Trevor, you may encounter several hitchhikers during your travels. If you’re after a GTA 5 achievement or some extra cash, you’ll want to take the aforementioned hitchhikers and deliver them into the waiting arms of the cannibalistic Altruist Cult. Located at the western base of Mount Chilliad, you’ll find a neat 100,000 GTA$ inside the Altruist Cult’s camp one you’ve delivered four hitchhikers.

National Office of Security Enforcement

Located to the east outside of the city of Los Santos, you’ll find an armed Buzzard (Helicopter) vehicle waiting on the roof of the main building. Fortunately, you won’t accrue any Wanted levels for accessing this location, unlike when you trespass at the military base, giving you easy access to a powerful airborne vehicle. The easiest way of finding the NOOSE headquarters is to travel on the highway leading out of Los Santos to the east, and taking the first exit on your left a short ways out.

Pleasure Pier

This amusement park on the sea can be found on the Del Perro pier, Los Santos. The park features numerous attractions including a Ferris Wheel and a roller coaster, both of which are ridable by the player character.

GTA 5 map size

The Grand Theft Auto V map size was a considerable expansion on previous Rockstar Games titles. Rockstar’s previous release, Red Dead Redemption, had a map which roughly covered 31 square kilometers, and included vast chunks of a reimagined Texas and Mexico. By comparison, the GTA 5 map size is twice as large as RDR1, covering approximately 76 square kilometers in total.

Curious to find out how this compares to the GTA 6 map size? Spoiler: GTA 6 is at least twice as large as even GTA 5, so check out everything there is to know about the GTA 6 map.