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How big is the GTA 6 map?

A dedicated group of GTA fans have crunched the numbers and believe that the GTA 6 map size could be much larger than originally anticipated.

How big is the GTA 6 map?
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Ahead of the release of Rockstar’s next big launch, there’s plenty of speculation out there regarding the GTA 6 map size. While we won’t know for definite until the anticipated GTA 6 release date, we can’t help but get drawn into the rumor mill. If you’re the same, we’ve put together this guide with all the rumors we’ve heard so far. So, let’s get into it.

How big is the GTA 6 map?

With just one GTA 6 trailer and a couple of GTA 6 leaks, the size of the fictional state of Leonida may have been cracked using a little math and knowledge of the RAGE engine.

RAGE, which is short for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, has been used as the bedrock for every Rockstar game since GTA 4. As such, every GTA map that has been created since 2008 can be measured side by side using “RAGE Engine Units.” One RAGE Engine unit is roughly equivalent to a meter, allowing us to estimate the GTA map size with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

According to the GTA 6 mapping community, the GTA 6 map size is anywhere between 256 square kilometers and 324 square kilometers. By comparison, the GTA 5 map is a little over 80 square kilometers in total (if you include unplayable areas such as the ocean). 

The latest calculations estimate that the map is around 160 kilometers of the explorable world. This assumption is based on the fact that water covers about 36% of the GTA 5 map, and if you take roughly 36% from the possible 256 square kilometers of the original GTA 6 map size estimate, you’re left with around 160. Of course, this is making the presumption that GTA 6’s map has a similar amount of water coverage to GTA 5’s, which could well be wrong, but it’s a solid starting point this far ahead of the official launch.

GTA 6 map size leak

We’ve seen a few supposed map size leaks, but the image below from Reddit user MyNeuronsAreFried has pieced all the details together to come up with a concept map. It gives us an idea of the scale of the map compared to the original Vice City, which looks tiny in comparison. Still, there’s a lot more water than the GTA 5 map, which is an important factor when estimating the total size.

Concept map from Reddit user MyNeuronsAreFried showing an estimate of the GTA 6 map size

GTA 5 vs GTA 6 map size comparison

The estimate above makes the GTA 6 map seem three or even four times larger than the GTA 5 map. Still, it’s worth reiterating the point that the lowest estimate of 256 square kilometers contains a considerable amount of ocean tiles, which players are unlikely to ever access. However, even if we were to account for the sea, the revamped Vice City and the surrounding state are easily twice as big as GTA 5’s Los Santos. 

The one problem with all this maths is that it could be possible that the GTA 6 map has much more water than the GTA 5 map. Anyone who played GTA: Vice City should know that there’s lots of water across the map, a lot more than in the original GTA: San Andreas. So, it’s worth taking these details with a pinch of salt until we know more from the official source.

Hopefully, Rockstar will release a more official map in due course. However, we’re not expecting it for a while yet, so be wary that we might be waiting until the launch date to see the full map of Leonida. 

We’re currently hard at work building our very own GTA 6 map, and compiling new databases in time for the GTA 6 release date. So, until then, make sure to follow GTA Db on Google News for all the latest updates, and to get the first word on when our map goes live.