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A GTA 6 collector’s edition concept has us excited for the real thing

A new GTA 6 collector’s edition concept has us contemplating what Rockstar could potentially offer in the real deal.

A GTA 6 collector’s edition concept has us excited for the real thing

While we still have no idea whether we can expect a GTA 6 collector’s edition release when Rockstar finally launches its much-anticipated sequel, a new fan concept has us pretty excited. We know the developer giant is always listening to the community, but we hope it’s listening closely on this occasion.

Considering we saw a GTA 5 collector’s edition arrive alongside the base game back in 2013, there’s good reason to expect the same this time around. You rarely get an AAA title release without a collector’s edition offering these days, and a couple of Reddit users have joined forces to show us what it might look like.

The collector’s edition concept image below is the work of asat103, going off the back of adamcookie26’s original idea. It includes a Declassee Tulip 1/24 scale model, a map of Leonida, an official art book, bullet casings, a keyring, and, of course, a copy of the game for either PS5 or Xbox. There’d be no complaints if this is even close to what we might get with a real collector’s edition when the GTA 6 release date comes around.

Sceenshot of Reddit user asat103's GTA 6 collector's edition concept with map, keyring, game, and other items on display

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Rockstar’s official collector’s edition is anything like this concept, especially with how controversial it would be to include those bullet casings. We know that the creators of GTA aren’t scared of a little controversy, but this might be pushing things even for them. Still, the map seems like a given, even for the base version, with a long history of GTA games coming with a map of the world in the box.

One thing we aren’t looking forward to finding out about a GTA 6 collector’s edition is the price. The GTA 5 equivalent was more than double the cost of a regular copy on launch, and if history repeats itself, that could see you spending more than $150. Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any future updates as we get closer to the release date and GTA 6 pre-orders begin, but don’t expect to hear anything official for a while yet.

There you have it, the news that a GTA 6 collector’s edition concept has us daydreaming of the real thing. While you’re here, be sure to follow GTA Db on Google News for all the latest, or see our guide to the GTA 6 cast and voice actors.