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Rumors of GTA 6 delay intensify as Rockstar “falling behind”

Despite Rockstar only recently announcing a GTA 6 release date for Q1 2025, inside sources indicate that GTA 6 could be delayed until 2026.

Rumors of GTA 6 delay intensify as Rockstar “falling behind”

When the first GTA 6 trailer broke in December 2023, fans were treated to an official GTA 6 release date window set for 2025. Unfortunately, sources within Rockstar indicate that the game’s development is falling behind, and could result in a GTA 6 delay for 2026. 

As originally reported by Kotaku, anonymous sources within the Rockstar dev team believe that the game will now see a Q3 2025 release date at best, or a 2026 release date at worst. Reportedly, leadership within Rockstar Games are still aiming for a Spring 2025 release date, making many wonder what state the game is in at the moment.

A number of GTA 6 leaks have already indicated that the game is, at least in part, playable. However, that doesn’t mean that Grand Theft Auto 6 is ready for the storefront just yet. The leaks, if proven genuine, have only shown the game in a testing state, and so a lot more work could be ahead for developers.

Assuming that development on the game is indeed lagging behind, Rockstar could announce an official delay with a second GTA 6 trailer in the next few months. Otherwise, and largely depending on how far along GTA 6 is in its development, Rockstar could release the game within the originally intended launch date window. 

Best estimates initially placed the game’s launch window in the first quarter of 2025 following an advertisement for a Russian localization tester with a contract end date of March 2025. This was further supported by an earlier earnings call within Take-Two Interactive, which stated that 2025 would expect a revenue of $8 billion, something that could only be achieved with a major game release like Grand Theft Auto VI. 

However, those plans for an impressive fiscal year could be dashed if the rumors of a delay are proven true. Rockstar Games has not commented on the delay at the time of writing, and likely won’t make any announcements until they absolutely have to. So, to ensure you don’t miss the announcement, follow GTA Db on Google News, and be sure to follow our dedicated GTA Twitter account.