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All GTA 6 leaks and rumors so far

There have been some huge Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks over the course of the game's development. Here are all the latest leaks and rumors.

All GTA 6 leaks and rumors so far

Since GTA 6 is such a big game with an enormous amount of fans, it’s unsurprising that the appetite for GTA 6 leaks and rumors is absolutely huge. It can be hard to separate which leaks are genuine and which are fictional, though, so we’ve rounded up all of the most concrete information that is available.

Latest GTA 6 leak

The most recent leak saw a swath of Twitter and Reddit posts containing alleged late-development gameplay footage, notably showing Lucia walking through the strip club that was originally seen in the December 2023 trailer. One Twitter user in particular promised, and has so far appeared to deliver on said promise, one GTA 6 leak per day until the second trailer is released.

However, in the time since, the original Twitter account has been deleted, as have several that arose to replace them. That user aside, numerous clips of Lucia and Jason in various states of play have surfaced, indicating that more leaks are very likely on their way.

As of June 2024, there have been two other major GTA 6 leaks, with one leak leading to an arrest, and the other leak resulting in the early release of the GTA 6 trailer. A few minor teasers have also been seen, including two rappers – T-Pain and ScHoolboy Q – releasing statements hinting at their involvement with GTA 6.

In an attempt to curb further leaks, Rockstar Games made the decision to eliminate remote working and bring all employees back to full time work in the office. While this move was criticized by numerous workers unions and existing employees, Rockstar Games has stated that this move was made to boost productivity and reduce the chance of future game leaks ahead of the game’s launch in 2025. Unfortunately, we seem to be seeing more leaks than ever, with alleged gameplay footage appearing on social media constantly, leading to a never-ending game of whack-a-mole for Rockstar.

Ironically, though, Rockstar may have inadvertently narrowed down (leaked, if you will) the GTA 6 release window themselves through a job listing posted in March 2024 that was searching for a “Localisation Tester – Russian” with a contract end date of March 2025. Given the advert’s use of the term “final product,” it would seem that the predicted release of Q1 2025 has gained additional credibility.

In general, it seems that Rockstar are doing a very good job of suppressing any genuine leaks, leading to many fake leaks persisting online. In fact, in the wake of so many fake leaks, Forbes highlighted how AI is now being used to create false rumors.

GTA 6 map leak

According to an unsubstantiated Twitter post, a “Rockstar employee” leaked the GTA 6 map to 4Chan in January 2024. However, many fans were quick to point out that the supposed “leak” was in fact a fake image. When questioned, the original poster merely replied “my sources are legit” and “it’s real, trust” which did little to convince anyone of the image’s authenticity.

This wasn’t the first alleged map leak, with numerous sources reporting that the map had leaked months prior to the trailer’s release. It’s worth noting that, despite the surface-level quality of the claims, many of the maps had discrepancies between them. Once more details are discovered, and if confirmation of a real map leak is revealed, you can find all the latest updates here.

GTA 6 gameplay leaks

The first major GTA 6 leak was back in September of 2022 when a hacker published over 90 videos of leaked GTA 6 gameplay footage and screenshots while the game was still being developed. As well as representing a major security breach for the famously secretive Rockstar Games, the leak also told us a lot about GTA 6. The footage posted by the hacker showed an enormous open world environment that was clearly an expanded version of Vice City. The footage also showed the first GTA 6 characters, two protagonists: a man and a woman whom we have later discovered to be Lucia and Jason. It wasn’t initially clear if the leak was genuine until these details were confirmed by the first GTA 6 trailer.

While the leaks were undoubtedly revealing, a lot of online commenters thought that the graphics were very underwhelming, with some doubting the authenticity of the leak. Given that the game was still years from both marketing and the GTA 6 release date, however, this criticism doesn’t hold much water.

Rockstar Games responded to the leak in a Twitter statement confirming that they “suffered a network intrusion in which an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information” from their systems, and that they were “extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all this way.”

This GTA 6 gameplay leak was undoubtedly one of the biggest data breaches in the history of Rockstar Games, as behind-the-scenes footage of one of the world’s most anticipated games went public. But it wouldn’t be the last GTA 6 leak…

GTA 6 trailer leaks

The other major GTA 6 leak occured in December 2023 when the GTA 6 trailer was leaked. Anticipation among fans was at an all-time high after Rockstar Games teased the trailer in November 2023. So, it was definitely a big shock when a leaked version of the trailer went live a day ahead of Rockstar’s scheduled release date of December 5th, 2023.

With the leaked trailer being viewed by thousands of people in a matter of minutes, Rockstar was more or less forced to release the official version earlier than planned.

They posted a tweet on December 4th, 2023 stating that their “trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.” You can tell that they weren’t very happy with their trailer being leaked early, with several Rockstar employees posting their disappointed reactions to the trailer’s leak online.

The major trailer leak aside, several minor breaches have reportedly occurred, though the claims have yet to be substantiated.

Until more is discovered, mark the GTA 6 release date on your calendar, and see if your PC can run the GTA 6 system requirements.