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Slew of GTA 6 features teased by alleged Capcom QA tester

A long Twitter post from an alleged member of Capcom's QA team has hinted at a long list of features that could be coming to GTA 6.

Slew of GTA 6 features teased by alleged Capcom QA tester

GTA 6 is set to get a ton of Red Dead Redemption 2 features according to an alleged member of the Capcom QA team. A GTA 6 Eagle Eye mode similar to RDR2’s hunting mechanic, dual-wielding small firearms stand out among the rumors, and, reportedly, Rockstar have no plans to create any GTA 6 DLC for the singleplayer campaign. Let’s examine those claims.

Previous GTA 6 leaks seemingly demonstrated an early test build of a Dead Eye or Eagle Eye mode. In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Dead Eye mechanic allowed the player to slow time and mark enemies before taking them out in quick succession. Eagle Eye, by comparison, was largely used to track animals, trails, and investigate your immediate surroundings. If you’ve ever played Batman Arkham Asylum, you might know Eagle Eye better by the name “Detective Mode.”

So far, footage would appear to show a Dead Eye mechanic at work in GTA 6 rather than an Eagle Eye mode. However, as the footage seems to be from an early build, it isn’t possible to confirm if Grand Theft Auto VI’s Eagle Eye or Dead Eye mode will even be present at launch, or work as it did in RDR2.

Besides a number of other alleged features, the Twitter user “Nima” claimed that Rockstar currently have no plans for future single-player experiences. While it’s impossible to confirm or deny if GTA 6 DLC is effectively scrapped, Rockstar never released DLC for GTA 5 despite the game’s success. Instead, Rockstar seemed to shift the majority of their attention from GTA 5 expansions to GTA Online Weekly Updates and events. As a result, it’s also quite possible that Rockstar won’t release any expansions for GTA 6 until the inevitable launch of GTA 6 Online.

Most of the details mentioned in Nima’s tweet sadly don’t provide additional details that were not already gleaned from many previous leaks, as many Discord and Reddit GTA fans can confirm. Reddit moderator the123king-reddit stated “we’re pretty convinced this is just already confirmed features seen in previous leaks, with some speculation mixed in. Nothing new here.”

The tweet might not have revealed anything we didn’t already know about, but hopefully Rockstar will release additional details, and perhaps another GTA 6 trailer in the coming months.

We’ve already uncovered a few GTA 6 weapons and vehicles from the latest footage, and there’s more detective work on the way. So, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the latest Grand Theft Auto VI news, be sure to follow GTA Db on Google News, and bookmark the GTA 6 release date in preparation for the game’s launch.