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Reddit has a strange new GTA 6 request for the developers

We know there are a lot of GTA 6 requests out there, but this popular Reddit post points to players wanting to hide what they’re doing with their hands.

Reddit has a strange new GTA 6 request for the developers

With Rockstar’s much-anticipated open-world game still months away, there’s a long wishlist for wants fans want from the game. Still, one of the most popular GTA 6 requests on the game’s Reddit page is a slightly peculiar one. For some reason, fans want the ability for characters to put their hands in their pockets.

The idea is inspired by Watch Dogs’ protagonist Aiden Pierce, who walks around with his hands hidden in his jacket. The original Reddit poster, weirdbeautifulworld, believes this addition could heighten immersion while benefitting the gameplay experience. Seemingly, they’re not alone in thinking this, with over 600 upvotes on the idea within two days of posting.

Admittedly, it’s not something that even crossed our minds when trying to come up with ideas for what fans are looking for in the next installment of this iconic series. It makes sense, though.

It only takes a quick look at the most popular GTA 5 mods to realize that fans always want ways to immerse themselves further, and being able to make your character put his hands in his pockets as he walks past a couple of Vice City cops while holding a weapon certainly sounds like something out of a gangster film.

Still, not everyone thinks that being able to put your character’s hands in their pockets is a great idea. One cynical commenter simply said “I want the ability to breathe manually…”, suggesting that other players are looking for a tedious level of realism.

Others think that it should just be one animation option of many that takes place when walking, just to vary things while patrolling the mean streets of Vice City. Either way, we’re not sure if it’s something we can realistically expect when the GTA 6 release date rolls around.

There you have it, the news that with over a year to go until the GTA 6 launch, fans are starting to come up with some pretty peculiar requests. While you’re here, see what’s news with our GTA 6 map size and GTA 6 cast and voice actors guides. For more of the latest, be sure to follow GTA Db on Google News.