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GTA 6 story speculation

What does the main GTA 6 story entail, and will Lucia and Jason’s Bonnie and Clyde dynamic meet a similar ending?

GTA 6 story speculation

Considering the effort Rockstar Games put into their main narrative for Red Dead Redemption 2, the question has to be asked: what is the GTA 6 story? Who will it focus on? What are the themes? And will Lucia or Jason live up to the Bonnie and Clyde dynamic that many have identified from the GTA 6 trailer?

Rockstar have not spoken a word on the official GTA 6 story, but there are a few things we can piece together from what we’ve seen from the trailer, previous Rockstar releases, and standard story-telling beats.

GTA 6 main story hints

One of the few things that hasn’t yet been the subject of a GTA 6 leak is the main story of GTA 6. However, the GTA 6 trailer which dropped in December 2023 did give fans a good idea on what to expect.

What we know for sure is that the GTA 6 story will focus on the partnership, romance, success, and possible downfall of Lucia and Jason – the two main GTA 6 characters (both of whom are presumed playable at this time). 

Many fans were quick to point out the obvious parallel between the GTA 6 characters and Bonnie and Clyde – two infamous bank robbers who were ultimately ambushed and killed by police forces in 1934. The real story of the criminal duo has some striking resemblance to numerous scenes in the trailer, which we have used to predict the GTA 6 story.

GTA 6 main storyline

From the trailer (depending on the chronology), it would appear that Lucia is arrested following a robbery committed with Jason, or that Lucia and Jason meet after Lucia is released from prison. Given that the first piece of GTA 6 concept art depicts Lucia wearing an electronic tag around her ankle, the former seems more likely. 

However, drawing a parallel to the real Bonnie and Clyde, it’s quite possible that Lucia is actually in prison for an unrelated matter, and, soon after release, meets Jason, and falls in love. Lucia’s ankle bracelet, in this version of events, is removed legally or illegally before the duo commit any major crimes.

From here, we speculate that Jason and Lucia start off their criminal career small, robbing stores much like Uncle Jack’s Liquor. From there, the criminal duo expand into creating a gang – a scene in the trailer shows a well-dressed Lucia celebrating atop her car while the passenger of another vehicle seemingly films (0:24 of the trailer). 

As the gang expands and pulls off increasingly difficult and lucrative jobs, Lucia and Jason climb the social ladder (it is unconfirmed if the woman in the white bikini is Lucia, though both characters share the same jewelry: hooped earrings and a bracelet). 

However, as Lucia and Jason pull off more and more jobs, they also draw more and more attention from the law. This may well lead to trust issues between the two (an issue raised in the trailer) as the duo and the gang suffer from interal strife. In the real case of Bonnie and Clyde, the duo were ultimately set up for an ambush by one of the gang members, and so a similar scenario may be at work for Lucia and Jason. 

Ultimately, Lucia and Jason go too far, kill the wrong person (perhaps the police chief), and flee, only to be ambushed and gunned down in one final standoff reminiscent of John Marston’s last stand at the end of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption. 

However, given that GTA 5 had multiple endings, there’s a good chance that GTA 6 endings will give the player the choice of who lives between Lucia and Jason. 

Romance. Trust. Crime. Riches. Doubt. Betrayal. Retribution.

And that is our prediction for the GTA 6 storyline! Given that the GTA 6 release date is so far away, this speculative narrative could well change dramatically, though it would be a little strange for Rockstar not to draw strongly on the theorized real-world inspiration of Bonnie and Clyde given all that we’ve seen.

Will there be gangs in the GTA 6 story?

To take the real-world example, Bonnie and Clyde were the leaders and founders of the Barrow Gang. The gang, not including Bonnie and Clyde, consisted of seven other members at various moments in time. Gang members had a variety of roles, even assisting with the notorious bank robberies, though the gang on the whole preferred targeting smaller businesses such as gas stations and small stores (just like the one Lucia and Jason rob in the trailer: Uncle Jack’s Liquor).

If Rockstar are truly taking inspiration from this slice of American history, there’s every chance that gangs on the whole will return to GTA 6 as a game mechanic. It’s also very likely that gangs will be present to facilitate heist missions, which have proven exceedingly popular in the GTA Online mode.