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T-Pain just sacrificed his roleplaying hobby to work on GTA 6

Singer-songwriter and record producer T-Pain confirms he is working on GTA 6, but that it cost him his Grand Theft Auto RP hobby.

T-Pain just sacrificed his roleplaying hobby to work on GTA 6

Artists frequently sacrifice much for their art, but I doubt even Faheem Rashad Najm, better known as T-Pain, thought roleplaying on a GTA RP server would be a threat to his collaboration with Rockstar Games. Perhaps T-Pain’s GTA 6 involvement and subsequent loss of his hobby wouldn’t have stung so much if Rockstar hadn’t then recruited the very team behind the server T-Pain was now banned from. Oops. 

NoPixel is the name of a popular GTA roleplaying server in which streamers take the reigns of one specific character. The goal of NoPixel is to allow streamers and viewers to create stories and situations that wouldn’t otherwise occur naturally within GTA. For many, this is a hobby that takes up many hours of their day and, until recently, T-Pain counted himself among their number. 

In a video that has since gone viral, T-Pain was asked by one of his fans why he had suddenly disappeared from the NoPixel scene, to which T-Pain revealed his involvement with GTA 6. 

“I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on GTA 6 and Rockstar told me I couldn’t do RP anymore.”

The reason for Rockstar’s decision? According to T-Pain, Rockstar were concerned that someone on NoPixel could potentially take T-Pain’s album, rerecord it, release it, and have that release be more popular than anything Rockstar put out. T-Pain expressed that he accepted that explanation, at least at first, but seemed to regret having to give up a hobby he truly enjoyed.

Unfortunately for T-Pain, a little salt was coming down the line to rub into that particular wound. Not long after T-Pain’s ban, Rockstar Games went and “teamed up” with the very people that kept NoPixel running. 

“I’m like, wait a minute, what? Y’all tell me I couldn’t do this, and y’all team up with the people that enable that RP?”

It does seem a strange turn of events, and it’s a shame T-Pain had to forgo his GTA roleplaying for the immediate future, but fans of GTA 6 can finally sate their insatiable hunger with what could be construed as an accidental GTA 6 leak. We now know T-Pain is in the game!

Sadly, T-Pain did not elaborate on whether he was working GTA 6 music, a radio station, or if he would have a cameo as a GTA 6 character (and T-Pain likely would not have confirmed anything given Rockstar’s strict usage of non-disclosure agreements).


Hopefully for T-Pain, his involvement with GTA 6 will afford him even more roleplaying opportunities in future should Rockstar ever let him return to his hobby following the GTA 6 release date.