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GTA 6 fishing speculation

Will GTA 6 import the popular fishing activity from Red Dead Redemption 2? Or will GTA 6 fishing fall by the wayside?

GTA 6 fishing speculation

While the GTA 6 story is likely to be the main focus for many players, a number of GTA 6 activities will also be sprinkled throughout the world. Activities can consist of races, gambling, hunting, and more, but Rockstar has yet to confirm if GTA 6 fishing will be present at launch. Yet, despite the lack of confirmation, rumors and alleged GTA 6 leaks indicate that fishing might just well be among the many activities available in the state of Leonida. 

Fishing might not be the first thing people think of when they hear Grand Theft Auto VI, but Rockstar’s previous RPG, Red Dead Redemption 2, featured an incredibly polished and engaging mini game which provided the player with bonus missions and goals, as well as resources for crafting healing items. 

Assuming that the rumors are correct, GTA 6 may import this feature, but it is unlikely to implement fishing in the same way as Red Dead Redemption 2. So, presuming that is true, here is how GTA 6 fishing will likely work.

If present in-game, how will GTA 6 fishing work?

Players will likely need to progress far enough in the story to acquire a basic fishing rod, a lure, and bait before they can start fishing for real. Once this is all in hand, the player will likely need to find pre-designated fishing spots (areas where fish spawn and are catchable). These spots will more than likely be present at numerous rivers, ponds, lakes, piers, and potentially further out at sea.

Upon reaching a fishing spot and equipping a rod, the player will likely be able to designate a specific lure and bait (acquirable at a bait and tackle shop) to increase their odds of catching local fish species. 

If GTA 6 fishing works anything like RDR2’s system, players will need to cast their line into the water before slowly reeling it in. As in RDR2, if a fish is interested, they will slowly approach the lure, and potentially take a nibble. Once the fish bites, the player will need to alternate between reeling the fish in, and moving the rod in the opposite direction of the fish (to prevent the line from snapping). 

Once a fish is close enough to the player, the GTA 6 character should stoop down to grab the fish out of the water.

Each fish will likely have a randomized weight and size when caught, but here is where GTA 6 may deviate from RDR2’s mechanics. In RDR2, the player would be able to cook or sell the fish, however this seems a less likely option in GTA 6 due to a difference in the game’s setting. 

As a result, the only fish the player may be interested in keeping are legendary fish – fish above a particular weight and size which could be sold for a high price to a particular NPC. 

Of course, all of this is purely speculation born from rumors, GTA 6 leaks, and previous mechanics in Red Dead Redemption 2. Should Rockstar release a GTA 6 trailer which gives us confirmation of fishing, or go into detail in an interview, we’ll be back to update this page.

Let’s just hope that you can still use dynamite to fish en masse.