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GTA 6 missions

GTA 6 missions

How many missions will there be in Grand Theft Auto VI, and will the first GTA 6 mission involve a botched robbery?

GTA 6 missions will advance the overall GTA 6 story, introduce the player to numerous GTA 6 characters, and chart the rise and likely fall of Lucia and Jason, the Bonnie and Clyde duo of Rockstar’s upcoming RPG. Grand Theft Auto VI’s missions will likely be one of the easiest way to earn new GTA 6 weapons, money, GTA 6 vehicles, properties, and additional activities.

With the GTA 6 release date a long way away, Rockstar haven’t said anything about the main missions, side missions, or activities that will be available across the GTA 6 map. That said, the trailer which dropped in December gave us a few ideas on what might be coming in 2025.

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How many GTA 6 missions are there?

Previous Grand Theft Auto games have between 69 missions in GTA 5 and 101 missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It’s somewhat strange that GTA 5 has the lowest number of missions of any pre-existing GTA game, and makes it hard to determine if GTA 6 will have more missions or less.

However, numerous GTA 6 leaks have hinted that the number of missions in the game will in fact rest on the larger side. Of course, many of these leaks are unconfirmed, and must be taken with a pinch of salt, but it is believed that GTA 6 will have roughly 90 missions.

What Grand Theft Auto VI mission types will there be?

Aside from the main story missions, there are likely to be numerous side quests that players can undertake at various point in the story. At present, we expect to see the following GTA 6 missions types present in the game when it launches in 2025:

  • Assassinations – missions that target an NPC, vehicle, or location at the behest of a side character
  • Flight school – every GTA game has required the player to complete a series of flying lessons before letting them pilot a plane or helicopter, and it is unlikely that GTA 6 is any different
  • Property management – missions that set up, assist, or deliver products for a player’s businesses and properties
  • Races – set tracks that provide a cash reward for placing first
  • Strangers and Freaks – missions undertaken for random NPCs and civilians

What will the first GTA 6 mission be?

During the December 2023 trailer, the main character Lucia was seen at a parole hearing which likely saw her equipped with an ankle bracelet. This event is believed to have followed a botched store robbery, which may have also been featured during the trailer.

Taking a quick look at GTA 5’s story, GTA 6 may run on parallel tracks and put players in control of Lucia and Jason during their first joint robbery. Whether this robbery leads onto a string of others or immediately lands Lucia in prison remains to be seen.

Will Heists be returning to GTA 6?

Though none of the confirmed GTA 6 leaks have hinted at the return of Heists, the popularity of the mission type in GTA Online might sway Rockstar into bringing them back regardless.

Heists were a series of missions in GTA 5 which began with gathering equipment and scouting out the target store or bank before committing to an exciting robbery and police chase. The rewards were typically the highest in the entire singleplayer campaign, and propelled the main characters onto further success and inevitable tragedy. The Heists marked turning points in the story, and were considerably more interesting than simple races, escort quests, or activities.

As such, with the game’s trailer hinting that Lucia and Jason already failed to rob a store (thus leading to Lucia’s incarceration), it seems likely that Heists will return in some fashion.