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Will the GTA 6 price tag really be $150? Probably not

With many debating what the GTA 6 price will be after a rumored leak, here’s why the game probably won’t be $150 at launch.

Will the GTA 6 price tag really be $150? Probably not

A GTA 6 preorder isn’t even available yet, but a GTA 6 price debate rages across internet forums following numerous rumors, alleged leaks, and a comment made by Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick during an earnings call. So, how much is GTA 6 going to cost the average customer?

With game development becoming increasingly expensive, gamers are likely to see the price of games in general increase over the coming years. Taking inflation into account, this should be a surprise to no one, but what was a surprise for many was when a Tweet was released which claimed GTA 6 would cost $150.

The original source of the tweet, Niche Gamerm, stated in their article that a GTA 6 leak indicated GTA 6 prices could be as high as $150. However, no credible source or further evidence was provided, making it very likely that the $150 price tag is purely speculation.

Fans were initially outraged by the price tag, though many disputed the likelihood of GTA 6 ever costing such a high price.

Since the original Tweet, a far more likely price has been hinted at from more official sources.

Comments made by Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick during an earnings call in November 2023 spoke of how Take-Two Interactive looked at pricing, which we can use to infer what GTA 6 might cost when we reach 2025, the year GTA 6 is set to release on console. 

Within said earnings call, Zelnick made a point of stating that Take-Two Interactive’s strategy is to “deliver much more value than what we charge consumers” and that there had previously “been precious few price increases in the business.” Moments later, Zelnick stated that the $70 price tag for “certain frontline products” was the first price increase that Take-Two Interactive had had in many years.

On this basis, it seems very likely that the GTA 6 price for 2025 will be around the $70 benchmark. 

The likelihood of GTA 6 ever costing $150 seems incredibly low, and even runs counter to what Zelnick would elaborate on further during the 2023 earnings call. While Zelnick did state that a product’s pricing is often based on “expected entertainment usage” for many businesses, this was not a stance that Take-Two Interactive took. 

Rather than suggest that a longer playtime would justify an increased cost, Zelnick instead highlighted that Take-Two Interactive wants “to deliver much more value than what we charge consumers.” For this reason, it seems incredibly unlikely that GTA 6 will ever cost $150 unless a GTA 6 collector’s edition is on offer.

For now, we will have to wait and see when GTA 6 preorders will be available and what they will cost. So, until then, make sure you mark the GTA 6 release date in your calendar, and check to see if your PC can meet the GTA 6 system requirements.