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Rockstar is playing whack-a-mole with new GTA 6 leaks

Despite its best efforts, Rockstar’s GTA 6 leak woes aren’t over just yet as gameplay footage seemingly appears online.

Rockstar is playing whack-a-mole with new GTA 6 leaks

Rockstar appears to have fallen victim once again to a GTA 6 leak. No matter how much Rockstar tries to tamp down on leaks, a steady stream of gameplay and in-game screenshots has appeared over the last two months, and intensified in the last week. The most recent footage appears to be gameplay from a late-development version of the game, hosted in the Leonida strip club as seen initially in the GTA 6 trailer.

Unfortunately for Rockstar, more leaks could be on their way, and all because one Twitter user is determined to get a second GTA 6 trailer as early as possible. 

Twitter user “Dead” has promised and seemingly delivered on their promise for the past two months to post “1 GTA 6 Leak every day till trailer 2 is released.” The Twitter account’s actual handle and username has changed several times, with previous accounts disappearing for violating Twitter’s terms of service. 

Rockstar’s attempts to whack-a-mole suspected leakers like “Dead” on Reddit and Twitter has failed to stop the upload of numerous video clips. Many of the clips in question appear to show GTA 6 in a late-development state, suggesting that the next year of dev work will be about polishing the game as much as possible, much as Rockstar Games did with Red Dead Redemption 2 during its development cycle.

Some of the footage on Twitter shows Jason walking around a cluttered apartment, while another demonstrates character animations as Jason leans out of a car window with an assault rifle in hand. 

But the most in-depth leak yet, if genuine, shows Lucia walking through a strip club. In the background, two distinct soundtracks can be heard: Everything She Wants by The Egyptian Lover, and Numb Numb Juice by ScHoolboy Q. It was already confirmed previously that ScHoolboy Q was involved with GTA 6, and hearing his music in the supposed leak only adds credibility to the leak in question. 

Although many of these supposed leakers have been removed by admins on both Twitter and Reddit, new accounts pop up with yet more footage ready. From the leaks seen thus far, it seems someone out there has a very good backlog of GTA 6 footage, or is getting new footage from somewhere they shouldn’t be. 

Regardless of the credibility of the leaks, a second GTA 6 trailer could be on the way in the face of massive hype from fans. However, it could be several months before Rockstar is ready to release anything.

Should that change, you’ll find all the latest here, so make sure you follow GTA Db on Google News for all the latest GTA 6 updates. While you wait, make sure to mark the GTA 6 release date in your calendar, and see if your PC can meet our estimated GTA 6 system requirements.

In 2022, Rockstar suffered from considerable gameplay and early development GTA 6 leaks, and, in 2023, was even forced to release its first GTA 6 trailer a day early because of a leak. For the developers working hard on the game, seeing more of their work leaked is likely disappointing, and will likely echo a sentiment Rockstar provided in September 2023 “We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all in this way.”

From this perspective, I personally find it a bit disheartening to see Rockstar Games facing more leaks prior to a second trailer. Seeing early footage, particularly for a game as anticipated as GTA 6, satiates a desperate hunger for more content, but the leaks don’t show the game at its best, nor how it will be at release. I’d rather wait for the polished trailer, whenever it is that Rockstar has it ready for the public.