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Jason is the male protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 6, taking on the role of Lucia’s partner in crime, and love interest.

Appears in Game GTA 6

Jason is one of the two main GTA 6 characters, and set to be one of the playable characters of GTA 6. Jason is Lucia‘s male counterpart in the state of Leonida.

Not much is known about Jason beyond his name, which was revealed in one of many GTA 6 leaks. Jason’s first official appearance was made in the GTA 6 trailer, in which he briefly says “Trust” in response to Lucia’s request for them to be a team. Jason is seen in the trailer in the role of a driver, but he also assists Lucia during a store robbery.

Jason voice actor

While the community is fairly certain who the female main character is played by, the identity of Jason’s voice actor remains far more elusive. Troy Baker was a major contender for the role, according to numerous fan theories, until the actor came out confirming that they were not in fact playing Jason. Since then, the community has speculated that Gregory Conners plays the GTA 6 lead following a now-retracted version of the actor’s CV which listed a “Lead” role for “Rockstar Games” in a title with a 2025 release. Whether this lead role is in fact Jason or not remains to be seen.