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GTA 6 predictions are sizzling on Reddit ahead of earnings call

Redditors are predicting the announcement of a delay, second trailer, screenshots, and a solid release date ahead of Thursday's earnings call.

GTA 6 predictions are sizzling on Reddit ahead of earnings call

Three days remain before the upcoming Take-Two Interactive earnings call, and Redditors are predicting the arrival of a major GTA 6 announcement. With Redditors expecting the announcement of a GTA 6 trailer 2 release date, four new GTA 6 screenshots, and a possible delay, is there any merit to their theories? Maybe.

Just last week, Rockstar accidentally teased an upcoming GTA 6 announcement when they mistakenly published an unfinished GTA 6 webpage. On said webpage, four clear spaces for screenshots could be seen alongside unfinished links to terms like “release_date_in_words”, “digital_purchases”, and “rating_descriptors.” The last in that list implied the existence of an unpublished ESRB rating.

The page was quickly unpublished, but not before Redditors were able to grab a number of screenshots of what they’d found buried in the code.

This accidental GTA 6 leak coincidentally happened just one week before the next major earnings call that Take-Two Interactive, GTA 6’s publisher, are due to hold on May 16, 2024.

Some Redditors believe that Rockstar is therefore due to announce something important for GTA 6 such as a solid release date, trailer, or screenshots. Some theories claim that this action is to boost Take-Two’s stock price ahead of their earnings call.

As many pointed out in one thread, releasing the second trailer before May 16 could well boost the company’s stock considerably. The first trailer from December 2023 had a positive effect on the company’s outlook ahead of their February 2024 earnings call.

Following the February 2024 earnings call, the company’s stock dropped noticeably, leading some to wonder if a GTA 6 announcement will be made to combat the fall in stock price. This, however, is purely speculation.

It seems unlikely that a second trailer will arrive in the near future given Rockstar’s historical patterns for releasing trailers. It seems far more likely that a second trailer will arrive closer to the summer or fall of 2024, though the trailer could well be announced in the coming days.

More cynical Redditors think that Rockstar could announce a GTA 6 delay, which has long been rumored since Rockstar staff returned to the office in March 2024. So far, the official word on the GTA 6 release date is simply “2025”. Many fans believe that Rockstar will aim for an early 2025 release, pointing to a Russian localization tester job listing which suggested GTA 6 would be in a “final product” stage by March 2025.

With the Take-Two Interactive earnings call being just a few days away, fans believe it is a perfect time to announce if the rumors of a delay are substantiated, or if the developer is still on track for 2025.

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that the Thursday May 16, 2024 earnings call will either excite many GTA 6 fans, or disappoint them. We’re hoping for a huge GTA 6 announcement and, if we’re really lucky, a second trailer.

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