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Rockstar teases GTA 6 screenshots in accidental webpage update

Four new screenshots, cover art, and a more concrete release date may have been inadvertently teased in a now retracted GTA 6 website update.

Rockstar teases GTA 6 screenshots in accidental webpage update

Rockstar may have just teased new GTA 6 screenshots, and a GTA 6 release date announcement, and hinted at a GTA 6 pre order arriving soon. In the early hours of May 8, 2024, Rockstar mistakenly published changes to their GTA 6 game page, adding new sections for “Screens” and including background code that included terms for digital purchases, and more.

Before Rockstar could 404 the page (https://rockstargames.com/game/vi), Redditors and Twitter users were quick to snap screenshots of the page, and thoroughly analyze what had been published. While there were no new images to be seen, users found that four screenshot placeholders were live.

Screenshot of the GTA 6 screenshot code found on the now 404'd Rockstar page.

The image source URLs were unreachable, and the on-page screenshots appeared only as blank black boxes. However, this slip-up has excited many fans on Reddit and Twitter, teasing the imminent arrival of four new Grand Theft Auto 6 screenshots.

Other information discovered by internet sleuths uncovered mentions of a GTA 6 release date, GTA 6 pre orders, and a possible GTA 6 rating which has not yet gone live on the official ESRB site.

Screenshot of the GTA 6 additional coding that went live on Rockstar's website, indicating several possible upcoming announcements.

Owing to the “null” values that follow much of the above list, there’s no guarantee that a pre order is about to go live, or that Rockstar are about to announce any new information. There are plenty of fan theories, however, pointing to a possible announcement on May 13/14, 2024.

For whatever reason, Rockstar Games have purged their Instagram account of all but 14 (currently sitting at 13) posts. The sudden decision was done without warning or comment, feeding fan theories that something big for GTA 6 will be announced in the coming week.

While we don’t know what images Rockstar are preparing to release, or if the mentions of a digital purchase mean that pre orders are on the way, it’s likely no coincidence that this accidental GTA 6 leak coincides with the upcoming Take-Two Interactive Earnings Call. Due to convene on May 16, 2024, Take-Two Interactive’s Earnings Call will likely give us more insights into GTA 6’s development, and support or detract from the rumors of a possible GTA 6 delay.

If indeed the rumors of a May 13/14 announcement prove true, it may well bolster Take-Two Interactive’s market position just in time for their Earnings Call.

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