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GTA 6 trailer

The GTA 6 trailer sees the return of a revamped Vice City, hints at the new storyline, and takes a jab at the real-world insanity of Florida.

GTA 6 trailer

The first GTA 6 trailer landed earlier than expected on December 4, 2023. In a stunning revisit to Vice City, the trailer demonstrated the latest graphical improvements, hinted at the overall storyline, and showcased a number of bizarre sights based on real-life events. Also confirmed in the trailer was the inclusion of the very first female protagonist in a Rockstar Games development, Lucia.

Official GTA 6 trailer

You can check out the full GTA 6 trailer below, which contains a considerable number of references to Florida, the inspiration for the fictional GTA 6 state of Leonida.

The trailer has become the second-most watched videogame trailer of all time, surpassing even the trailer for Minecraft. The trailer gave many hints towards a possible GTA 6 story, especially with the GTA 6 music track that played throughout it: “Love Is A Long Road” by Tom Petty.

GTA 6 trailer breakdown

As crazy as numerous scenes within the trailer may seem, it turns out that many of them reportedly happened in real life. The car roof twerking, the alligator terrorizing the streets, and even the semi-naked man watering his garden are all documented incidents in the state of Florida. Fortunately, Rockstar Games chose to tone some of these down for their trailer, as the gardener’s real-world counterpart was in fact nude.

Setting aside the bizarre locals that may well populate the game’s world, the trailer gave us a glimpse into the main character’s story and life.

Lucia, the first female protagonist in a Rockstar Game, is shown to be incarcerated, likely at the start of the game following a botched robbery (if the GTA 6 leaks are to be believed). It appears to be that, following a probation hearing, Lucia is released back into Vice City with an electronic tag on her ankle, as has been seen in the official GTA 6 poster.

We believe that the ankle tag will essentially gatekeep story progression and exploration of the GTA 6 map. The map in question appears to be one of the largest maps Rockstar Games has ever created, with footage of Vice City, and the Florida Keys-inspired islands showing a wide breadth of biomes and potential GTA 6 locations to explore. Additional, unconfirmed leaks further imply that the map size will be huge, with a complete map having allegedly leaked.

For Xbox and PlayStation fans, the GTA 6 trailer states that we can expect the GTA 6 release date to fall somewhere in 2025. Unfortunately for PC players, the issue of a GTA 6 PC version has yet to be addressed, and it is likely that the game won’t see a full PC release until long after the console release. As a result, there are no official GTA 6 system requirements available at this time, but we’ve done our best to come up with some estimates with the assistance of our sister site PCGameBenchmark.

GTA 6 trailer release date

The first official GTA 6 trailer landed on December 4, 2023, but was originally intended for release on December 5, 2023. Due to one of many GTA 6 leaks, Rockstar Games was forced to release the trailer a day early on December 4.

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